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The articles are just window-dressing for code snippets I want to keep.

Portfolio for Eleanor Holley

These are a few of the open source projects I'm particularly proud of. For a fuller picture of my work, see my GitLab and my npm.

Chicago Test Out

As listed on the Civic Tech Field Guide, I created Chicago Test Out out of frustration with the local newspapers who were only using state-level data for their COVID-19 tracking. I used to check this site every day for the latest data.


This is the only ReScript/Elm interop package which requires no module loader. It lives at the intersection of two very niche languages, but if type-safety is your passion, check it out. This package is used in production to facilitate Chicago Test Out.

Progressive Web App ReScript bindings

I wrote these bindings because I decided that JavaScript Service Workers would be a good way to incrementally add ReScript to projects like Chicago Test Out and this Eleventy blog.

rescript-notifications is documented and demonstrated in this article. Both rescript-notifications and rescript-push are dependencies of rescript-service-worker, which is also documented in an article on this site. If you would like to see a demo, it is already in use on both Chicago Test Out and this website itself.


This is definitely the easiest project I've ever done, but I'm proud to be the maintainer for my Secular Franciscan fraternity. I'm also proud to have written a site for the modern era that requires absolutely no JavaScript.

I write to learn, so I welcome your constructive criticism. Report issues on GitLab.

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