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The articles are just window-dressing for code snippets I want to keep.

Tagged “data-visualization”

  1. Tracking COVID-19 Vaccinations in Chicago: Release Notes

    Happy New Year, and thank you for reading! I am delighted to announce that the City of Chicago has started reporting daily statistics on COVID-19 vaccinations, and so am I. This article will detail recent changes as well as changes to come in the near future.

  2. Tracking COVID-19 in Chicago: Release Notes

    Chicago Test Out is a project that use the same datasets as the city data Daily Dashboard but features more detailed line charts, mobile compatibility, and much faster load times. This week, the project is undergoing several major changes, and I want to take the opportunity to explain these changes for users.

  3. Elm Line Charts Part III: Lines and the Chart

    This is the last installment of a series describing how to configure an Elm LineChart. In the previous post I used a viewmodel to configure an axis, so this post will cover how to use lists of those viewmodels to plot the rest of the chart.

  4. Elm Line Charts Part II: Imports and Axes

    This is the second in a series of blog posts dealing with LineChart in Elm. In the previous post, I outlined how to grab the timezone as a prerequisite for time-based linecharts. In this post, I will begin to write the chart module I'm trying to use in Chicago Test Out by defining my imports and creating a custom axis.

  5. Elm Line Charts Part I: Times and Timezones

    Elm has a very fine third-party line chart library which I've enjoyed using in my passion project, Chicago Test Out. It's well-documented as a library, but if I haven't used it in a while, I find myself struggling to get started with it. I end up starting at the middle or near the end and then clumsily working backwards from where I want to end up. For this reason, I'm working on writing a step-by-step guide for working with terezka/line-charts based on my own preferences and assuming a high-degree of customization apart from the defaults, using Chicago Test Out as a model.

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