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from legacy to functional and very little in between.

Tagged “gitlab”

  1. Better Continuous Deployment with GitLab CI/CD

    This article follows up with a previous article, which details the bare minimum for a CI/CD pipeline from GitLab to the npmjs.com package repository. It's not a bad start for learning how to deploy to npmjs.com from a pipeline, but as a pipeline itself, it's... well, it was my first attempt. This article will detail a better pipeline in terms of maintainability, build-safety, and testing. (NPM will still be used as an example, but the broader concepts will be applicable to other stacks.)

  2. Continuously Deploying an NPM Package with GitLab CI/CD

    Setting up continuous deployment is important to me, even when publishing is as simple as it is on npm. The official GitLab documentation, though, is a little more than I need and geared toward their own npm repository, so I'd like to gather the information I need here in a brief article.

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