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The articles are just window-dressing for code snippets I want to keep.

Tagged “npm”

  1. Continuously Deploying to GitLab's NPM Package Registry

    In a previous article, we explored how to continuously deploy to the npmjs.com package registry. This is all well and good, but an advantage of CI/CD is that we can easily deploy wherever we want. This article will explore how to deploy an npm package to both npmjs.com and GitLab's own package registry, including how to change package names when necessary.

  2. Better Continuous Deployment with GitLab CI/CD

    This article follows up with a previous article, which details the bare minimum for a CI/CD pipeline from GitLab to the npmjs.com package repository. It's not a bad start for learning how to deploy to npmjs.com from a pipeline, but as a pipeline itself, it's... well, it was my first attempt. This article will detail a better pipeline in terms of maintainability, build-safety, and testing. (NPM will still be used as an example, but the broader concepts will be applicable to other stacks.)

  3. Containerizing your CLI tools for a clean development experience

    Some platforms are more delicate than others. Once, in college, I ended up with a Scala installation that used a different version of Java than my version of Eclipse. It was a lot like trying to maintain a particularly aggressive aquarium. How do I keep these feisty little guys from trying to murder each other? Headaches like this are one reason I try to keep my dev environment as clean as possible with a stock installation of Ubuntu, a handful of programs, and precious few customizations. It makes it a little harder to foul up and a lot easier to nuke and pave with a fresh installation if needed. Recently, I've decided to embrace the logical conclusion to this method by avoiding installing any extra command line tools at all. No node, no javac, no competing for my $PATH; just me, emacs, and docker.

  4. Continuously Deploying an NPM Package with GitLab CI/CD

    Setting up continuous deployment is important to me, even when publishing is as simple as it is on npm. The official GitLab documentation, though, is a little more than I need and geared toward their own npm repository, so I'd like to gather the information I need here in a brief article.

  5. ReasonML Journey Part IV: Publishing BuckleScript Packages on NPM

    In the previous post, we finished wrapping ExtendableEvent in ReasonML. In this post I will publish our type on npm.

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