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The articles are just window-dressing for code snippets I want to keep.

Tagged “commentary”

  1. Why Every Programming Language is Terrible

    Tell me you've never hated your programming language. Tell me it doesn't have any features you wouldn't be caught dead actually using. Tell me there's a programming language so dear to you that you not only enjoy writing it in the moment but enjoy reading what you've written in the somewhat distant past. Tell me—and this is key—that you not only enjoy reading what you've written, but what others have written.

  2. De-Microsofting Your Development Environment

    Anyone who has been following the web ecosystem over the last few years knows it has been rapidly consolidating under Microsoft. That consolidation economically threatens the open web. Diversifying your tooling could protect you as much as diversifying any investment, and it's much more convenient than you might think.

  3. The Second Best Way to Pick Your Next Programming Language

    Experienced developers often say that the best way to pick your next language to learn is to pick a project you want to ship and pick the best language for the job. This isn't wrong, but beginning developers often respond that the only "project" they have in mind for now is to learn more about programming generally and become a better developer overall. If this is your goal (and it's a good one!), then the "best way" to pick your next programming language just isn't applicable. But I think you'll appreciate the second best way.

  4. Why I'm Not Writing about Myself for SheCoded

    First: I do get the irony of this article; there's no way around the idea that I am, actually, writing a post for the Dev.to #shecoded tag. But there are so many things that bother me so much about this annual event as a feminist, so instead of writing about my own experiences, I want to offer some ways to make the annual #shecoded event better.

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