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from legacy to functional and very little in between.

Tagged “javascript”

  1. Binding to a JavaScript Function that Returns a Variant in ReScript

    ReScript provides easy ways to bind to most JavaScript functions in a way that feels both native and safe. Conveniently, it even provides an @unwrap decorator for parametric polymorphism. However, there are a few places where we still have to fill in the gaps. This article documents how to bind to a JavaScript function that can return any one of several different types using ReScript variants.

  2. How to Use Excerpts in Eleventy

    Recently, I added first-paragraph post excerpts to this Eleventy blog's homepage post list. I found it wasn't easy. It wasn't all documented all in one place. Further, in order to use Markdown excerpts in HTML, I had to write a simple custom filter. I'd like to document the process here from end to end.

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