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The articles are just window-dressing for code snippets I want to keep.

Tagged “css”

  1. Styling for Internet Explorer Using Progressive Enhancement

    Internet Explorer 11 accounts for less than one percent of total Internet usage globally and less than half a percent in the United States. Even Microsoft's own web apps have stopped supporting it. But on the off chance someone does use Internet Explorer, what do you want them to see? This article explains how to employ the concept of progressive enhancement to provide a moderately acceptable experience to users of a decaying platform without taking on all of the legacy burden of formally targeting it.

  2. Designers and front-end folks! How do you name colors?

    In my back-end life, naming values that get reused is important to maintaining clean code, but somehow I keep turning my CSS variables into spaghetti. I've tried three basic strategies, none of which seem to work quite right for me.

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